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Mould Inspection Services in Cabbage Tree Point

At BWRA, our complete range of services is geared towards delivering results to our clients. We offer our services throughout Brisbane and the surrounding regions. Our experienced and certified mould experts will investigate and determine the underlying cause of the issue, document it, and reference the relevant legislation and standard. Our mould reports will also suggest solutions while providing site-specific solutions for rectification or repair.


Certified & Experienced Professionals

Our team comprises certified and experienced mould inspectors and professionals, who have over a century of combined industry experience. Our team specialises in the inspection and reporting of water damaged properties. We have the experience and expertise to reports on causation, the extent of damage, and the scope of works required for repairs.

Our professional expertise has a huge impact on the quality and level of remediation works involved in your mould problem. Advanced knowledge and industry experience is important as it has a significant impact on the health of the occupants and the financial obligation of the owner or insurer.

Why Choose Us?

When you select our mould inspection and mould investigation services in Brisbane, you should expect many benefits including the following:

  • We are experienced and industry-recognised experts in mould assessments and post-remediation verification.
  • Engaging our services can help you protect the health of the occupants, insured, and contractors.
  • We provide scientific and independent advice during each phase of the remediation project or claims process.
  • Our services also help mitigate losses in terms of money, time, and reputation.
  • Our services also help prevent or reduce litigation and settlement amounts on claims.

Independent & Professional Recommendations

We offer independent inspection reports and our recommendations on remediations are also independent of any influence. We never try to sell any solutions to our clients.

You can expect to receive only unbiased opinions and recommendations on rectification and repair solutions. Once we provide the mould inspection report, it will be accompanied by all the key readings taken at your property and the photographs of the affected areas.


Unbeatable Professional Services

When it comes to mould problems in homes, businesses, or industrial settings, you cannot things lightly. We offer unbeatable professional services in assessing mould, moisture, humidity, and condensation problems. We service Brisbane and all its suburbs. Remediation of such issues will always help make your interiors more comfortable while protecting the property.

Whether your premises have a leakage, flooding, or other moisture problem, or you are located close to a water body, or the building has remained closed up for long, our professional mould inspection services can help you take the right course to remedy.

Importance of Mould Testing?

There are thousands of toxic moulds in Australia. If you have a moisture and mould problem in your home or place of work, it is important to know the species of spores that you, your employees, or your visitors may be inhaling or coming in contact with. Our mould investigation services will help you determine the species involved before appropriate steps can be taken.

If you have noticed any mould or dampness in your building, get started with a mould assessment. Our services will help you identify the source, the extent of damage, and the most effective, convenient, and safest rectification or repairs.

For more information about our services, feel free to contact us at or write to us.

Our Building and Waterproofing Consultants have years of experience providing building defect reports and expert witness testimonials in the form of reports or appearances in courts, tribunals & conclaves.