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We will first liaise with you to determine your specific needs.

For example, the needs of a Strata Manager responsible for numerous apartments will vary significantly from those of an individual homeowner, Builder, Developer, lawyer, or insurer. You may provide us drawings, reports, correspondence, photos, videos to explain your needs, and we will work with you to confirm your request.

In fulfilling your request, we will follow a scientific process to inspect or review the subject matter, make an assessment, and provide our recommendations. Our recommendations may include:

  • Our expert opinion on the design and specification of waterproofing systems, compliance with the Building Code of Australia, or compliance with other laws such as the NSW Design and Building Practitioners Act.
  • Our expert opinion on the cause of roof leaks, balcony leaks, bathroom leaks, rising damp, mould growth or other water ingress issues.
  • Our expert opinion on defects in building or waterproofing work.
  • Detailed scopes of works which can be used to undertake remedial repairs.
  • Our expert opinion on the cost to undertake scopes of work based on published construction cost data and our experience as building and waterproofing experts.
  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis of competitive tenders for construction work.
  • Site Inspection Advice in relation to ongoing or planned construction work.
  • Expert witness reports for use in Civil and Administrative Tribunal, District Court, or Supreme Court.

Following our engagement, we can assist further by putting you in contact with experienced contractors, legal professionals, or other consultants to bring your request to completion.

Step 1

Defect Inspection

Identifying what went wrong in a building so it can be rectified.
Step 2

Developing a Scope of Work

Which make the repairs both warrantable and cost effective.
Step 3

Tender Process

To ensure the client pays the right price, we are heavily involved in the tender process. Making sure the right contractor is selected at the right cost.
Step 4

Project Management

Once the right contractor is selected, our Project Management Team steps in to ensure the work is undertaken in a timely manner.
Step 5


Project is completed, and client’s expectations have been met.
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Our Building and waterproofing Consultants have many experiences providing building defect reports and expert witness testimonials in the form of reports or appearances in courts, tribunals & conclaves.